To provide a leading service in trading education and mentorship, recognised globally to help individuals become professional traders.



To create successful and disciplined traders through experience, education and inspiration.


Market-leading Trading Programs

Our vision is to become the market-leading provider of professional trading programs, recognised globally through the success of our students and professional traders.

We aim to inspire both academic achievement and personal career advancement.


We believe this can be achieved by adopting innovative teaching techniques, a forward thinking learning environment and fostering strong relationships between our students, mentors and professional traders.

We educate one student at a time in the company of others, always aspiring to act with professional integrity, open communication, and encouraging free exchange of ideas.


A commitment to excellence


Our ethos permeates within our organisation through continual commitment to the highest standards of teaching; a willingness to progress students into our professional trading organisation and the drive to position the students learning experience is the heart and soul of our organisation.

Our programs are continually updated in context to current contemporary thinking, allowing us to maintain our reputation.


A mutually beneficial partnership


X Spot Markets has a vested interest in the success of our students; if they succeed we succeed. We share our passion for trading to nurture and inspire the next generation of professional traders.

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